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Bài tập Phát âm tiếng anh nâng cao – Unit 16: Dấu trọng âm ở danh từ ghép

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16.1 Do these compounds have main stress on their first part or their second part? Underline the syllable with the main stress. (Hint: Think about whether they are noun + noun compounds or adjective + noun compounds.)

EXAMPLES: safety valve (noun + noun)

guilty party (adjective + noun)

1 chemical formula                          5 coffee shop                                    9 sofa bed

2 bank account                                  6 best man                                          10 magnetic field

3 American football                         7 mobile phone                                11 tea strainer

4 artificial intelligence                     8 flight attendant                             12 space station

Now listen and check your answers. Then say the words aloud.

16.2 Use the compounds in the box to answer the questions. Think carefully about where main stress is placed and say your answers aloud. (Some of the words are given in B and C opposite.)

boiling point       civil war                claim form           defining moment             dental floss

distance learning              greenhouse       hot potato          house-hunting ice rink

lipstick                 loudspeaker       orange juice       pay phone          rubber band

search party                       shop assistant   towel town         hall voicemail

What is…

  1. a system that records phone messages for you?
  2. a sheet of thick paper for drying your hands?
  3. battles between different groups of people living in the same country?
  4. a building made of glass used for growing plants?
  5. a level area of ice for people to skate on?
  6. a way of studying where you mainly study at home?
  7. a piece of equipment that sound comes out of?
  8. a problem that no-one wants to deal with?
  9. a legal document that you use to try to get compensation from an organisation?
  10. the activity of looking for a house to live in?
  11. a building where the local government usually meets?
  12. a public telephone that you have to put money in to use?
  13. a point at which a situation clearly starts to change?
  14. a drink made from crushed oranges?
  15. a coloured substance that women put on their lips?
  16. the temperature at which liquid becomes a gas?
  17. a group of people who look for someone who is missing?
  18. someone who serves customers in a shop?
  19. thread used for cleaning between the teeth?
  20. a ring of rubber for holding things together?

Now listen and check your answers. Which five compounds are exceptions to the rules in B and C opposite?

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